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A Note of Thanks in review . . . 2014

We say “Thank You” to all our students, their families, our staff - including the faculty, food services, dormitory and the countless number of volunteers - and our church support for making The Do Re Mi Gospel Music Academy, Inc.’s Thirteen Annual Session a great success and one to remember!   We especially thank the First Baptist Church in Hartsville for use of their facilities and the Trousdale County school system for transportation services.   

We give thanks to God for His sweet Holy Spirit visiting with us once again, for testimonies of salvation and for instilling passions to sing and play the instruments of this precious music. A new song was written by the Songwriting class entitled “In His Time.”

Our students came from over 40 different churches and represented seven states, including Illinois and Alaska. We were blessed to welcome 97 students with ages ranging from 3 to 74 years. 

While the goal was to encourage and enhance the music of the church, from registration Sunday to the closing performance, emphasis was placed on giving God glory and honor!  Devotionals began and ended each day’s activity, and we give thanks for revival time witnessed during assemblies. Todd Austin conducted devotional each morning and readied our hearts and minds to serve God that day in spirit and in song.  Instruments and voices uplifted His great name.    Mr. Eddie Crook gave praise through his piano work.    Jonathan and Jordan Wilburn, W & W, praised Him with song!   New singing groups were born, including the Do Re Mi Foursquare ladies quartet. Their rendition of “I’m Winging My Way Back Home” received wondrous exclamations of joy!

The Academy week, instructional program and the closing performance highlighted the Red Back Hymnal. The students sang the glory down as they lifted voices to “No Tears in Heaven,” “ O, I Want To See Him,”  “This Little Light of Mine,”  I’ve Got That Old Time Religion” and many, many more.  The final song, a spiritual moving rendition of “I Must Tell Jesus” reminded all of us that we have one who is always there for us.   The performance was spiritually moving and one to remember.

While giving thanks for this 13th annual session of The Do Re Mi Gospel Music Academy, Inc., we begin now to plan for next year.    Make your plans to be with us in Hartsville, Tennessee, June 2015, and enjoy blessings from God at Do Re Mi!

Keep on Singing,
Key Dillard, Director

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Academy Week June 8-14, 2014

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The Do Re Mi Gospel Music Academy, Inc. operates for the glory and honor of God. The mission is to teach students of all ages to sing God’s music and  play various musical instruments to the best of their ability.  Passed on to the present generation from our forefathers, the shape note method of music reading is used.  The name Do Re Mi represents the seven note syllables of the scale:  Do Re Mi Fa Sol La Ti Do.

 The purpose of Do Re Mi is to educate, promote and preserve the rich heritage of shape note gospel music utilizing  our theme, "Doing our best for God." Our emphasis is improvement of church music.  We strive to daily follow the spirit of God.  Individuals, special groups (quartets, trios, etc.),  as well as entire Church choirs, can improve their performance of gospel  music through the educational offerings of the Do Re Mi Gospel Music Academy, Inc.  Private lessons assist the beginner and improve performances of the most advanced musician.  Acoustical instrument training is offered,  and Bluegrass Gospel is featured.

The core values of the Do Re Mi Gospel Music Academy, Inc. include:  education, promotion and preservation of shape note gospel music.  We highly value honoring and glorifying God; seeking and following the leadership of the Holy Spirit;  encouraging,  never discouraging;  winning the lost to Christ;  developing and  maintaining Christian family values; developing new friendships and maintaining old ones.

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