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Education, Preservation and Promotion of Shape Note Gospel Music
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We would like to thank

Humanities Tennessee & Dr. Brenden Martin from Middle Tennessee State University

for their ongoing support of our work in the museum.


The purpose of the Do Re Mi Gospel Music Academy is to educate, promote and preserve the rich heritage of shape note gospel music.  In 2018 the Board of Directors create the Do Re Mi Shape Note Museum.  It includes artifacts dating back to the 1800's and a library of songbooks. Additionally, we are currently working on a documentary of the history of shape note music in Middle Tennessee.  The museum is free and open to the public daily June 4-17, 2023 or by appointment.  We are currently accepting donations and loans.  Contact us at if you have anything you would like to donate or if you would like to help catalogue the books we currently have. Below are pictures of the development of the museum, click the picture for a larger view.  Send us your feedback.


Location of museum between the dorms

Before the build

Before the build


Before the build in classrooms

Before the build in classrooms


Book cases in classrooms


Construction continues

Songbooks beginning to arrive

Songbooks start to fill the classrooms

Getting closer

Donated items from Parkwood Church


Interactive classroom


Do Re Mi Shape Note Museum

Pump organ

Tablet with Do Re Mi history

Classes are held in the Museum during the Academy

Church bench circa 1800's

Teaching scroll of Pink Dawes Circa 1930

Display of 1880s Songbooks

Teaching board and pointer of Witt & Sallie Dillard


Filming Key Dillard, Don Hines, Rhea Dyer and
 Dorman Grubbs

Key Dillard interviews Rhea Dyer

Documentary interview Eddie Crook

Documentary interview Key Dillard